Thursday, April 26, 2018

Q.U.B.E. 2 - 3D Vision Fix

***This fix was made of UE4 Universal-Fix from DHR***

Lastest Update: 26.04.2018 - V1.00
- release

- nearly everything by DHRs UE-4 Engine Universal Fix
- HUD  - Losti
- a particle effects not fixed with universal fix - Losti
- Lightening reflection that was not fixed with universal fix  Losti
- lens flair depth optimization - Losti

Issues left:
- ScreenSpaceReflections are disabled because of incorrectness
- lens flar sometimes annoing => disable it via key if you need
- the "speech wave" is too much into depth caused by a light correction (not a big issue ^^)
- some UI elements in menues are broken in the middle of the screen caused by the depth for the crosshair

Download - Fix V 1.00

Introduction get it working:
- uninstall old fixes!!!
- download and extract the fix archive to "...\steamapps\common\Q.U.B.E. 2\QUBE\Binaries\Win64"

Ingame Settings:
- everything you like

Key Settings:

Disable/Enable HANDS (for choosing a higher convergence if you need)

Disable/Enable lensflairs (Std = disabled)

Cycle crosshair depth

Cycle hud depth


- THANK you DHR for the UE4 universal fix!!!
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favourite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!
If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:
(all donations will be shared with the persons involved in this fix)

Monday, April 23, 2018

3D Fix Manager

Last Updated: April 23, 2018

This is an application I’ve been working on for a while. It's called 3D Fix Manager and the reason I developed it is that I wanted to have a more comfortable way for installing 3D Vision Fixes and and an easier method for editing hotkeys in order to change 3D separation / convergence settings.

So which features does 3D Fix Manager provide?
  • Clear GUI
  • Automatic detection of installed 3D Vision games
  • Download, install and uninstall 3D Vision fixes with only 1 click
  • Start games directly in 3D Fix Manager either in 2D or 3D mode
  • Auto enable Nvidia Stereosopic 3D when starting a game in 3D mode
  • Auto disable 3D Fixes when playing in 2D mode
  • Auto installation of 3D profiles with Nvidia Profile Inspector when starting a game
  • Comfortable hotkey editing for changing 3d separation / convergence in game
  • Auto backups of hotkeys / ini files
  • Auto optimization of game settings for stereo 3D mode
  • Save and restore your stereoscopic settings of Nvidia Control Panel
  • Simple activation of Compatibility Mode (also known as Fake 3D) for any DirectX 11 game
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server support. Dynamically load or close RTSS when launching a game for improving performance in Stereo 3D
  • Auto update for new 3D fixes
  • Auto update for new program versions

Currently more than 600 fixes from helixmod.blogspot are supported by 3D Fix Manager. This includes Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dMigoto (DirectX 11) and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.

  • Hotkey editing is only available for Helix Mod and 3dMigoto fixes at the moment. Hotkey support for OpenGL fixes may come in the future.

  • A detailed manual can be found here. Please have a look to the section "Problems and Solutions" if you experience any issues

Geforce Forum:
  • The Main Thread about 3D Fix Manager can be found here

  • If you want to support this project you can donate to this PayPal account:


  • Installer version: Start the setup wizard and simply click on continue. A desktop shortcut and entry in start menu folder will be created by the Setup Wizard. I don't recommend to install the application in C:\Program files(x86) as some Anti Virus softwares could react aggressive to this (tested with Bitdefender). Please choose another install location if you experience any issues.
  • Portable zip version: Extract downloaded file archive. Neither start menu entries nor a desktop shortcut will be created by using the zip version.
  • Start the application with "3DFixManager.exe" or use the desktop shortcut created by the installer.
  • Optional: Download and install RivaTuner Statistics Server for accessing all features of 3D Fix Manager. RTSS eliminates micro stuttering, reduces input lag and improves frametimes in Stereo 3D mode
  • Optional: If you are still using an old version (prior version 1.24) you can give admin rights to the application (right click on exe / run as admin). The application needs admin rights for installing fixes to protected folders like c:\program files. For newer versions admin rights are automatically granted.

    • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher installed
    • Optional: 3D Vision / 3DTV Play compatible device (you can use this application as a simple game launcher if you don't have such a device)

    Change Notes Version 1.4 (April 23, 2018):
    • New: Mostly all game config files including key/value pairs can be handled now even if the files are not conform to ini standard. This is done by using Regex.
    • New: When using 3dmigoto 1.3.10 or higher and enabling custom shaders like software mouse, upscaling or side-by-side 3D format the new "Include" section in d3dx.ini is used for referencing other ini files. Duplicate sections from older ini versions are automatically cleaned up.
    • New: 32 / 64 Bit version info is shown in "Hotkeys" tab for 3D wrappers
    • New: Games can be tagged if they use DirectX 9/10/11/12, OpenGL or Vulkan render API. This facilitates the installation process for raw 3D wrappers (3dmigoto and Helixmod) when no 3D fix is available for specific games.
    • New: Added a button "in "General Settings" tab for cleaning up downloaded files
    • New: Further translations for French version (thanks to greatxerox!)
    • Changed: Uninstall of 3D fixes doesn't utilize "uninstall.bat" of 3dmigoto any more. Uninstall procedure is done natively by the app now.
    • Changed: Added a label "Uninstall 3D Wrapper" for button in "Installation" tab for distinguishing between uninstalling raw wrappers and uninstalling 3D fixes
    • Changed: OpenGL Wrapper version matches the known versions on Helifax's website now. Formerly the modify date of the DLL was taken as the version number.
    • Changed: Updated 3dmigoto files to version 1.3.10
    • Bugfix: Uninstall of Rad Rodgers universal fix made the application hang due to a PAUSE command in the "uninstall.bat"
    • Bugfix: When an update for an installed 3D fix was available it could happen that the user quickly switched to another game in the list before the update message was displayed. Although the update was installed correctly it was a bit confusing for which game it was actually done.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when Windows Registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D was set to read only

    Change Notes Version 1.39 (April 13, 2018):
    • New: Graphics settings for games can be configured automatically by editing XML files and Registry keys. Formerly this feature was only able to edit files which contain key/value pairs.
    • New: Added a button for opening game config files in "Edit Profile" tab
    • New: "Optimize game settings for Stereo 3D" toggle in "General Settings" tab
    • Changed: Steam is automatically restarted when editing Steam manifest file for "Hitman". This restart is needed to make Steam find the game after renaming install folder.
    • Bugfix: Removed a visual artefact when clicking on button "Install 3D Fix" in "Installation" tab
    • Bugfix: "Reversed line interlacing for passive 3D monitors" feature did not work due to saving registry values in a QWord instead of DWord. Changed to save this in a DWord now.

    Change Notes Version 1.38 (April 05, 2018):
    • New: "Enable reversed line interlacing" option for passive 3D displays in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab. This fixes the issue of swapped interleave pattern.
    • New: Up to 3 configuration files can be automatically edited now when starting a game. This is e.g. required for optimizing ingame graphic settings for stereo 3D mode or normal 2D mode.
    • Changed: Reworked a tooltip in "Edit Profile" tab for making clearer how to edit configuration files of a game
    • Changed: Updated 3dmigoto files to version 1.3.8
    • Changed: Updated Nvidia Profile Inspector to version
    • Bugfix: Fixed another bug when modifying configuration files did not work

    Change Notes Version 1.37 (March 29, 2018):
    • New: Stereo refresh rate / shutter frequency of Nvidia 3D glasses can be controlled individually per game now. In fix profile set if you want to play with 100 hz or 120 hz. This is useful if your PC is only strong enough for steady 100 fps.
    • New: Option "Force fullscreen on key press" in "Hotkeys" tab for 3dmigoto fixed games
    • Changed: Updated 3dmigoto files to version 1.3.7
    • Bugfix: In some constellations game ini changes were not performed

    Change Notes Version 1.36 (March 26, 2018):
    • Changed: User.cfg is copied to the root directory of Kingdom Come: Deliverance instead of Bin\Win64 subdirectory when installing the 3D fix. This is done only when no user.cfg exists yet. If a cfg file is already present in root directory only those entries required to make the fix work properly are added to it.
    • Changed: Updated donation list for shader hackers
    • Bugfix: Game search via Windows Registry did not distinguish between Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim due to some name cleaning

    Change Notes Version 1.35 (March 19, 2018):
    • New: On / off switch for Nvidia stereoscopic 3D function in top right corner. This feature is made globally available now because it's one of the most important functionalities (previously it was too hidden in Nvidia 3D Settings tab)
    • New: Change desktop refresh rate when application is closed - this feature is available in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab
    • New: Further translations for French version (thanks to greatxerox!)
    • New: More detailed message dialog when a driver profile is being installed via Nvidia Profile Inspector. User gets informed about profile swaps and which profiles are affected.
    • Changed: Improved performance for loading fix descriptions by caching images in main memory
    • Changed: Fix descriptions won't be loaded any more if GUI is set to compact mode as descriptions wouldn't be visible in this mode anyway. This improves loading time.
    • Changed: "About" tab title is also visible now when changing to compact gui mode
    • Bugfix: User defined game exe is not overwritten any more when doing fix profile updates

    Change Notes Version 1.34 (March 03, 2018):
    • New: Installed 3D fixes are automatically kept up to date
    • Changed: Game detection via search paths improved. All Steam games should be perfectly found now.
    • Changed: Change notes are shown in rich text format instead of plain text
    • Bugfix: When saving fix profile changes and only the raw wrapper was installed the install button in Installation tab had a wrong label

    Change Notes Version 1.33 (February 26, 2018):
    • New: Added support for showing stereoscopic images in Installation tab. Just click on the images to see them in stereo 3D.
    • New: Fix descriptions and download links are automatically synchronized with helix blog
    • New: All fix descriptions (645 so far) are shown in rich text format
    • Changed: Images shown in Installation tab aren't saved in RTF files any more - this keeps file size small and loading times short.
    • Changed: Updated 3dmigoto files to version 1.3.4
    • Bugfix: Numbers with more than 5 digit places where not shown correctly in Hotkeys tab
    • Bugfix: Comparison of 3dmigoto version numbers did not work correctly

    For a full list of change notes please visit

    Known Issues:
    • Detection of installed games may fail if no corresponding registry keys could be found. To fix this either enable search paths in the application settings or set a custom install path for the individual fix profile. Please have a look in the manual (section "problems and solutions") for a more detailed information on this.
    • Another reason for not detecting games is when the name of the individual fix profile does not match the title of the game retrieved from the windows registry. Try to rename the fix profile to match exactly what is listed in "Windows Control Panel / Programs"

      • Please help me to improve this application by reporting bugs, wrong / outdated fix profiles  or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
      • I tested the application a lot and I think it’s in a good state. However I take no responsibility if any damage should occur on your machine by using this application. Use at own risk. :)

        Sunday, April 15, 2018

        Rad Rodgers - World one

        This game is fixed with DHR's Universal UE4 fix, nothing is altered - just download his fix here!

        Install dir: Rad Rodgers - World one\Rad\Binaries\Win64

        I made this using DHR's Universal UE4 fix. If you like this fix, please consider supporting to:

        Saturday, April 14, 2018

        Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

        3D Vision fix for Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.

        Update (2018-04-14): fix updated with a better fix for water. Unfortunately, the nature of this experimental wrapper causes it to have different color or properties in missions 2 (exterior) and 3 (cave). The old fix is here just in case. If you want to restore the original water fix you have to delete all pixel shaders (files in "ShaderFixes" with filename ending with "-ps_replace.txt") beginning with "//Water". This update also adds extra features like disabling black bars, all bloom / tone mapping / HDR effects, motion blur, and also gives some real time HUD depth options (see the hotkeys and features section).

        - Fake lighting that was at screen depth now is at depth.
        - Moon and sun lighting at correct depth.
        - Fixed water reflections, but now water edges are broken (I couldn't fix that for now).
        - HUD at fixed depth.

        Special notes
        - This fix uses an old and experimental 3Dmigoto build made for DX10 games. As such, some features aren't working, like the usual hotkeys I make for HUD depth or to disable some effects. I made a workaround for HUD depth, but other effects have to be disabled or not before booting the game.
        - Also, the fix has to remain with hunting mode enabled (don't worry, it doesn't display any unwanted OSD). Don't touch the numpad number keys unless you know what you're doing.
        - Every time you boot the game, the fix will add two bars ("//") at the end of every shader. If you boot the game one million times, that's two million of bars. Replace the shaders manually from the original fix to start over.
        - If the game crashes for you (even without the fix), try this to modify the game exe with a Hex editor:
        - The pcgamingwiki explains how to disable DoF and motion blur if you want. This fix offers the option to do that in "d3dx.ini". I prefer them disabled.

        - Download this file and extract its contents in the "Special Edition" folder, where "DevilMayCry4SpecialEdition.exe" is.
        - DON'T RENAME THE GAME EXE. It has to be "DevilMayCry4SpecialEdition.exe".
        - To launch the game, you will always have to do it through "DMC4SE_fix.bat". Don't touch any key or button until you hear a "beep" sound. If you don't hear it after 25-30 seconds, reboot the game, because it didn't boot fast enough. All of this is necessary because this version of 3Dmigoto doesn't load modified shaders unless they are edited and reloaded while the game is running (the fix includes some bat and vbs scripts to make it as easy as just waiting for a "beep").

        Hotkeys and features
        - F1: convergence presets with HUD at screen depth.
        - F2: convergence presets with HUD at 37.5% depth.
        - F3: convergence presets with HUD at 75% depth.
        - Non real time options can be configured in "d3dx.ini", after line 417 ("Graphics mods section"). To disable the mentioned effects described above each block, remove the ";" at the start of each line (except for text descriptions). This has options to disable motion blur and DoF, black bars, bloom, and one distortion effect. So you don't need to modify the game exe to disable motion blur anymore.
        - Different HUD depth: search the string "hudmult=" in "56069ecccbba0250-vs_replace.txt", "71677acc263d29ef-vs_replace.txt", "8b057b487ccd6e5d-vs_replace.txt" and "e5b51c3e0ec0c0a9-vs_replace.txt". Change it to any value between 0 (screen depth) and 1 (full depth).
        - Fake lighting stretching. Without this, which is enabled by default, fake lighting doesn't cover the whole image in the X axis. So I stretched it by 1/8 to fill that space. Search the string "float stretchmult = 1.125;" in "e805181ea59d3b36-vs_replace.txt". 1 is the default value to not stretch it.

        If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:

        Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

        Download the fix:

        This is not to be confused with the console exclusive game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus. This is a free to play casual volleyball management game, and lacks the volleyball gameplay or minigames of its console counterpart and has no English translation, but - at least it is on PC. For help with installing this game refer to this article (the camera mode of the Google Translate Android app may also be helpful for any steps that have changed since this article was written), and the beginners guide to understand the game itself.

        Costume Mods

        This mod primarily adds support for NVIDIA 3D Vision to the game, but it is also required for the costume mods available for this game. If this is why you are here you can ignore any of the information below that is specific to 3D Vision users and just follow the instructions on the website that led you here.

        This mod by itself will not change any costumes - for that you will need mod packs available from elsewhere and extract them into the Mods directory. You don't need to restart the game after installing a new mod - just press F10 in game to load any new mods.

        Some mod packs ship with optional parts of the mods that are not enabled by default - look for any files or directories in the mod pack that is named "DISABLED something", and remove the "DISABLED" from the filename to enable it.

        Installing (3D Vision + Costume Mod users)

        1. Extract the contents of the zip file to the game directory.

        2. In the launcher (not the game), open settings (2nd button from the top) and change everything to the left-most option (lower quality options are known not to work).

        3. IMPORTANT (3D Vision Users only): Once the main game launches, press F7 to switch to exclusive full screen mode to engage 3D. Repeat this anytime you alt+tab out of the game to re-engage 3D.

        Keys (3D Vision + Costume Mod Users)

        • Mouse back button: Toggle HUD visibility

        Keys (3D Vision Users Only)

        • ~: Toggle auto-convergence feature on and off
        • Ctrl+F5: Reduce popout when auto-convergence is on
        • Ctrl+F6: Increase popout when auto-convergence is on

        Auto-Convergence (3D Vision Users Only)

        This fix uses my new auto-convergence feature (first introduced in my Life is Strange: Before the Storm fix) to automatically adjust the convergence while playing to suit the various scenes and quick camera angles changes this game does. For this game I have set it to try to keep everything inside the screen (behind the HUD), while still maximising the 3D effect in any given scene.

        The auto-convergence feature replaces the traditional meaning of 3D Vision's convergence setting with a "popout" setting, which is similar to convergence, but gives better results with a wider range of camera angles, monitor sizes and viewing distances. The same keys that normally adjust the convergence will adjust the popout instead when auto-convergence is enabled, and the popout value will be displayed on screen while adjusting it.

        This feature has a number of tunable parameters, which can be tweaked by editing the [Constants] section in the d3dx.ini. These tunables include things such as the initial popout, minimum and maximum allowable convergence values, thresholds for how far the convergence is allowed to get away from the target, and threshold for the anti-judder countermeasure.

        3D Vision Fixes

        • Lights & shadows
        • Water
        • HUD
        • Added automatic convergence

        3D Vision Update v1.1

        • Fixed ripples
        • Fixed auto-convergence popout bias changing on full screen
        • Use a lower convergence preset when Burst is activated

        Update v1.2

        • Fixed shadow glitch
        • This fix now forms the basis for third party costume mods

        Known Issues (3D Vision Users Only)

        The news and Gacha probabilities windows and certain text boxes are blank while in full screen. Alt+tab out of the game (not just disabling 3D) and they will appear, and press F7 to re-enable 3D when done, but of course it is all in Japanese anyway. Visit this site for English translations.

        Side-by-Side / Top-and-Bottom Output Modes (3D Vision Users Only)

        This fix is bundled with the SBS / TAB output mode support in 3DMigoto. To enable it, edit the d3dx.ini, find the [Present] section and uncomment (remove the semicolon) the line that reads:

        run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS

        Then, in game press F11 to cycle output modes. If using 3D TV Play, set the nvidia control panel to output checkerboard to remove the 720p limitation.

        Like my Work?

        Fixing games takes a lot of time and effort, and I am currently otherwise unemployed largely due to my ongoing battle with mental health issues.

        If you are in a position where you are able to do so, please consider supporting me with a monthly donation on Patreon, and thanks again to those that already do! While I prefer the more stable monthly support that Patreon offers, I can of course understand that some of you prefer to make one-off donations when you can, and for that you can use my Paypal. As a reminder, these donations are to support me personally, and do not go to other modders on this site.

        This mod is created with 3DMigoto (primarily written by myself, Bo3b and Chiri), and uses Flugan's Assembler. See here for a full list of contributors to 3DMigoto

        UE4 Universal Fix

        I made this UE4 Universal Fix because the time spending on fixing games is HUGE, so this save A LOT OF TIME. End results: More time to play and less time spending on fixing a game. And second i made this because there are a lot of games that are not fixed (not catch the attention of a Shaderhacker, or they are very sadly, not fix for them)....this add a new possibility if those games are using this engine :)

        This Universal Fixes are made thanks to DarkStarSword, who add ShaderRegex to 3Dmigoto, for me the TOP1 feature. This feature have an incredible potencial and is very very consistent....i use this feature in every game i fixed since the feature was released.

        Thanks to bo3b for help me solving some swizzle in asm with some of the variant of the 2D Objects and Decals.

        This Univeral Fix should fix any UE4 game about 90% and 98%.If devs change or tweak the vanilla engine, the fix may not work properly in some effects (example: Hellblade). Read the README.txt for more info.

        The effects that are "Not fixed" are related to shaders that DON'T have a common pattern, so add a universal fix can cause others effects broke that originaly are working too risky! and can make the game looks worst. In any case this should always be the starting point to fix a game using this engines.

        Fix on the Fly:
        - Shadows
        - Lights
        - Tile Lights
        - Reflections
        - VS Reflections (by sun or moon)
        - Volumetric Lighting
        - Light Shafts
        - 2D Objects
        - 2D Decals
        - Halos

        Not Fixed:
        - HUD elements
        - Object Outlines (see the bottom of the for the instructions to fix it)
        - Some variant of effects


        ** Do you like the fix? **
        If you like the fix, you can donate to this PAYPAL account: